Sunday, January 20, 2008


Slipping through the cracks has never been a fun concept. Weeks and weeks disappear under a blur of hospital rooms, vomit and bad hair, and when you finally have a chance to look around a moment you have absolutely no fucking idea how you got there. Nothing else to do but pick up the slack and go with the flow, right? The problem is those stupid coal cars haven't come back and someone stole your last pack of cigarettes, which leaves you out shivering in the middle of the night with only a dream and a pocket full of, well, you'd like it to be sunshine but it turns out they were fresh out of that the last time you checked.

Which leaves you with the present day. It all looks nice and rosy but you're missing your buzz and it really bums you out. Nothing better to do than plug in until the weather finally decides to make up its damn mind and either make it snow or make it rain for more than an hour at a time goddammit.

Where the hell are those peppermint patties?